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    Squad 9


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    Squad 9

    Post by Ruthkia on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:03 pm

    +>>>>>Squad 9<<<<<+

    Captain Tousen>> Tixxy Savage (78)

    Vice Captain Hisagi>> Lt Hisagi (80)

    >>Senior Officers<<

    3>>MxOxPxAxR (24)





    >>Junior Officers<<

    8>> Kingofwwe (Cool

    9>> Shinotoa (14)




    Zln1994 (3 i think justin needs to fix)
    Inuyashoo2 (1)
    Wolfe Skyz (6)
    Gfw1995 (9)

    Requirements for New Recruits and New Promotions:
    Captain: 75+ Slayer, 70+ in 6 of the 8 combat skills
    Lieutenant: 60+ Slayer, 55+ in 6 of the 8 combat skills
    Senior Officer: 50+ slayer, 45+ in 6 of the 8 combat skills
    Junior Officer: 30+ slayer, 25+ in 6 of the 8 combat skills
    Recruit: No requirements

    All of these requirements are for New Recruits, current members will not lose rank if you do not meet your rank's requirements. However all promotions will be based on the requirements.

    >>>>>Founding Principles<<<<<

    Keep up or catch up.

    This means if you're not strong enough to accomplish your goals, then train until you are.

    Earn it or burn it.

    Earn your own way, rather than asking to borrow a whip, go out and earn the money or the skill to get it.

    If you're going to do something, do it right.

    AKA No half assing

    Protect as many as you can, for as long as you can, with all the strength you have.

    More may be added, all must be known by senior officers or higher rank in squad 9

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